Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Talented counselors get people back on track

Is there still a Prairie Center in Champaign? The one I remember had a staff that literally saved lives. Addicts had forgotten how to love others and themselves; thus, counselors helped them find a way. It was a complicated and often unappreciated job for them. It is in the nature of an addict to cajole, lie and try to defeat the counselor.

Seniors need assurance on Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage is a popular and effective program used by millions of seniors.

Personally, this program has had a tremendous, positive impact on my current health situation. This is a portion of our health care system that works well, and I look forward to seeing our new president and his administration fighting to keep it safe.

Anonymous person paid bill at Ford City

Wow! Thank you to the person who anonymously did me a favor at Champaign Ford City on the afternoon of Feb. 13.

When I went to the cashier's desk, I learned that you had paid my bill in full.

I will try to pay it forward, since I have no way of knowing who you are, and help someone else just as you helped me by showing the love of Christ in your actions.


Man's job on volleyball court and in church?

The Sunday, Feb. 12, News-Gazette contained an interesting irony.

A front-page article discussed the relatively small percentage (36 percent) of Division I NCAA women's volleyball coaches, while a full-page ad (page A-7), taken out by local churches, displayed photos of 13 local clergy — a dozen men and one woman.



Do protests stem from just Trump?

I am wondering if another Republican candidate had won the nomination — for example, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, John Kasich — and then went on to win the election, would there be the protesting that is going on now, or even as much?



'18 an opportunity to unseat Davis

I would like to thank The News-Gazette for drawing attention to the fact that U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis, R-Taylorville, has no plans for a town hall here ("Rodney Davis: No plans for C-U meeting," Feb. 3) and to publicly add my name to the rapidly growing list of voters who are deeply dismayed with his resolute refusal to engage with us in any meaningful way.

Vimr showing off liberals' myopia

Our community was recently treated to the new face of the Democratic Party as it lurches further left.

Eric Vimr made it abundantly clear he couldn't wait for mature, hard-working American patriots to hurry up and die if they disagreed with his enlightened views about socialist government utopianism.

Corporation the same as a person?

I cannot understand how a graduate of a prestigious law school could sincerely believe that a corporation is the same class of being as is a human being.

Corporations are tools. They are tools used by members of the business world. Corporations are created to be tools of people, by people, for people.

Pay no attention to man behind letter

I am pleased to learn through Eric Vimr's letter that he has been anointed with the right to inform all of us deplorables that we have no rights.

Also, we are going to all be dead in four years anyway.

On second thought, maybe we all should just consider the source.



Critiquing local grocery stores

Now that Neiman Foods Inc.-owned Harvest Market has been open for some several months, I think it's time that we take a step back and see it for what it really is — a Trojan horse version of County Market.