Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Available help for gambling troubles

March means the madness of college basketball, the crack of the bats in baseball's spring training and getting back outside after winter.

For the video gaming industry, it means recognizing some people find playing our machines to be more than simply entertainment.

Raise legal age for tobacco to 21

When the University of Illinois became smoke-free a few years ago, we became healthier, more inclusive and greener.

But it's time for the state of Illinois to take the next step in improving campus health by raising the age of tobacco sales to 21 years old.

A long wait for no internet service

Since we are market-driven economy and, it seems, the only way to get the attention of certain businesses is to hit them where it hurts, I am compelled to write this letter.

Frontier Communications gets an F for how its staff treated me recently.

Urbana, say 'no' to hotel project

The proposal for Urbana taxpayers to sell nearly $10 million in bonds to fund a reboot of the Landmark Hotel is a boondoggle with a capital "B."

Does Trump need an intervention?

Has anybody noticed President Donald Trump's mental health lately? I'm no Dr. Phil, but something is definitely wrong with our commander in chief.

He keeps on ranting about "James Bond" Obama looking in his windows. Tapping? The only thing I think needs tapped is the Donald's frontal lobe.

Hey look, you won the election. Get on with American business.

Save nursing home by selling facility

I would like to correct two myths that are being circulated about the Champaign County Nursing Home referenda on the ballot April 4.

One is the myth that the only reason CCNH is losing money is Medicaid reimbursement slowness, and the other myth is that the home will close and/or seniors will have "nowhere to go" if voters approve the sell/dispose question.

Put your trust in God, Constitution

I implore everyone to quiet down and trust God and our God-ordained democratic republic government of checks and balances to right itself.

Many are under a strong delusion that they are smarter than our founders. Wrong. Donald Trump is a tyrant. Wrong.

Consequences for repealing ACA

U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis, R-Taylorville, decided not to face his constituents at a town hall during February's congressional recess, in spite of countless letters, postcards, phone calls and in-person requests from concerned citizens worried about the fate of health care in Illinois if the Affordable Care Act is repealed.

Why do ethical coaches get fired?

Thank you, Loren Tate, for addressing the No. 1 issue in college sports today and how the issue led to the downfall of Coach John Groce. The issue centers on whether or not coaches should cheat in order to produce winning teams.

What are Trump's aides hiding?

What is worrisome about the large number of Trump campaign officials and political appointees who've been forced to admit to meetings with Russian government officials is not the existence of the meetings, but the fact that they were willing to lie and commit perjury to cover them up.

Why are they so desperate to hide their connections to a hostile foreign power?